Tips on Choosing Housing

Housing generally refers to the social problem of ensuring that members of society have a home in which to live, whether this is a house, or some other kind of dwelling, lodging, or shelter. The term informal housing can include any form of shelter or settlement (or lack thereof) which is illegal, falls outside of government control or regulation, or is not afforded protection by the state. As such, the informal housing industry is part of the informal sector. To have informal housing status is to exist in ‘a state of deregulation, one where the ownership, use, and purpose of land cannot be fixed and mapped according to any prescribed set of regulations or the law. While there is no global unified law of property ownership typically, the informal occupant or community will lack security of tenure and, with this, ready or reliable access to civic amenities (potable water, electricity and gas supply, sanitation and waste collection). Due to the informal nature of occupancy, the state will typically be unable to extract rent or land taxes.

Homelessness and insecurity of tenure are issues faced by populations around the world. However, there are particularly pernicious circumstances in developing countries that lead to a large proportion of the population resorting to informal housing. According to Saskia Sassen, in the race to become a ‘global city’ with the requisite state-of-the-art economic and regulatory platforms for handling the operations of international firms and markets,’ radical physical interventions in the fabric of the city are often called for, displacing ‘modest, low-profit firms and households’.

Before buying housing take a minute and brainstorm what you want and what you can not stand.

Here is the recommended list to consider:

1.  Time your trip to work
2. Housing distance to the bus stop
3. If you want a quiet or vibrant place to live
4. Guaranteed level of security

PERUMNAS is a State Owned Enterprise (SOE) in the form of Public Corporation (Perum) whereby all of its shares are owned by the Government. Perumnas was established as a government solution in providing decent housing for the lower and middle class. As a state-owned developer with national business reach, Perumnas has 7 Regional Business Region I to VII and Regional Rusunawa. DP (Down payment) cheap housing decor via perumnas tend to be more affordable. Friends of Perumnas can get a house with DP between 1-10 percent. In fact, the government can also provide assistance USD Rp 4 million for MBR who really need. No more constraints to having a home because of the big DP that is difficult to achieve. The government is also working with banks to make the amount of installments that are not burdensome. Many cheap shelters are now only Rp 800,000 per month for 15 years. Financial condition Friends Perumnas will not be disturbed if it has obtained approval of mortgage loans.