Digital Marketing in the Age of Social Media

The world of digital marketing is a complex and constantly changing thing. Before the days of widespread internet use, it used to be that marketers simply had to come up with a compelling print or video campaign, then get it out there for potential customers and clients to see. Today it has become a much more complicated issue. Social networking, branding, blogging, and media saturation all come into play to form a complicated web of marketing concerns, all of which must be addressed in order to effectively reach customers via the digital medium.

For those whose companies and brands already enjoy a certain level of notoriety, the process of creating an effective marketing campaign that both reaches its established customer base and draws in new consumers may not pose an insurmountable challenge. With social media, it’s possible to engage with customers to proliferate a message or a product with fairly minimal work. However, this requires a certain degree of brand loyalty that those who are new on the scene may not yet appreciate. That’s where the knowledge of an experienced marketing professional can be extremely helpful.

Jim Tsokanos is one such professional boasting a wide variety of personal experience in everything from advising the CEOs of Fortune 500 companies and even heads of state on their business, to restructuring networks, and increasing the online presence of companies from sectors as diverse as automotive, retail, and technology. His impressive and diverse resume is backed by 20 years of experience in the industry, successfully increasing profits for a wide array of popular companies.

Those running businesses of any size often have a lot to learn about marketing in the digital age. The advice of an experienced pro can go a long way toward increasing the growth of small and mid-sized businesses and start-ups. A valuable product or service and dedicated employees can only get a company so far without an adequate customer base. Find out why organizations such as PRWeek, The Holmes Report, and AdAge have all formally recognized Jim Tsokanos for the work that he has done in marketing and social media. Those who are interested in learning more can read about Jim Tsokanos here.